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Nasi Kerabu - blue coloured rice

We’ve covered Nasi Kerabu as being one of our favourite Malaysian food in the top 5 Malaysian Food list (link). It is tasty, it is packed with flavour, it looks pretty and 100% Instagram-worthy. But what exactly makes Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Kerabu?

Nasi Kerabu is a visually appealing dish with the unmistakable trademark blue rice, served with fresh herbs salad, fish cracker, salted egg, protein of choice, topped with a spicy sauce.

This dish is one of the traditional Kelantanese Peranakans food that arrived with Chinese in the 15th century marrying local women that the unique dish was born, a mishmash of cultures, cuisine, and taste.

The signature blue rice of Nasi Kerabu is arguably the most defining feature of Nasi Kerabu. The colour comes from bunga telang (blue / butterfly pea flower), which might look strange to the uninitiated, but it is actually a nice hue of blue that looks quite nice and pretty.

The kerabu (Herb Salad) is a combination of finely shredded local herbs and fresh vegetables such as the ones listed here: long beans, bean sprouts, cabbage, cucumber, serai, turmeric leaves, and more.

The protein can be anything that you like, and it is not limited to a specific type of protein. Some of the popular options are: ayam percik, ayam panggang, Ikan goreng, and Ikan masin.

The condiments typically consists of kerisik ikan (coconut fish flakes), and kuah tumis (spiced sauce), keropok (fish crackers), sambal belacan, and last but not least - salted egg.

We take pride in our Nasi Kerabu, and it is also one of our all time best seller. Fancy some Nasi Kerabu for your events?


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