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Global Supply Chain Disruptions

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

"All of a sudden we do not know when ships are leaving and from where, and we also don't have the full picture on port congestion which AIS offers us." (CNA, Nov 2021)

"Bottlenecks in global supply chains have threatened the supply of a whole range of goods, including food and beverages..." (CNBC, Nov 2021)

We at Joshijosh are excited, and looking forward to serving you, our customers, your Christmas meal. We have all our stuff ready to go, however, we are not exempted from the supply chain disruption that the world is currently facing.

The supply chain disruption has been going on for a long time, and recently with the introduction of Chinese data law has further exacerbated the disruption.

While we still have a healthy supply chain for most of our products, turkey is one of the products that is experiencing a shortage in Malaysia. Our team is working on procuring more turkeys, however, as it stands, the supply is very very limited.

This means 2 things for us:

  1. We are forced to withdraw our early bird price for Whole Roast Turkey. It is now only available at normal price - RM370. (early bird price was RM330)

  2. We have a very limited supply of turkey, which means our Whole Roast Turkey will sell out quickly.

So get your pre-orders in for our Roast Turkey before it is sold out!

Fret not if you can't manage to order Roast Turkey, we still have many other delicious roasts that you can choose from like Beef, Lamb Leg, Chicken, and more!

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