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Our Brands

Over the years, we have worked hard on developing branded product and services under Joshijosh.

Sohya White.png

Our own Soya Milk & Tau Fu Fa brand can be found in various local mart & eateries like SunMed Cafe, Bilabila Mart, and more! Or you may also order directly from us. Freshly brewed in-house, starting with freshly grounded soya beans, soaked, hot brewed, and squeezed to create a smooth Soya Milk drink and Tau Fu Fa desserts. You may also pair them with a variety of classic syrups: white ginger syrup, brown sugar syrup, butterfly pea flower syrup, and chrysanthemum osmanthus goji berry syrup.


Our food kiosk brand, that focuses on serving affordable & familiar Malaysian food to the neighborhood. Inspired by how drinks are packed to go at your local mamak or coffee shop: “Ikat tepi”, “Ikat mati”, or “ikat tepi mangkuk”. Ikattepi aims to bring that nostalgia and serve you with familiar and local food & drinks like Nasi Lemak, Mee Siam, Mee Goreng, Bubur Cha Cha, Teh / Kopi Peng, and more! Visit our Ikattepi kiosk at Bila-Bila Mart @ Maisson Ara Damasara, & REXKL.

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