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Traditional Mooncake
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Shanghai Mooncake


Enjoy a fantastic variety of crisp & buttery Shanghai styled Mooncakes along with the modern take on the traditional delight; chilled Snowskin Mooncakes, this coming Mid-Autumn Festival 2021!

Shanghai Mooncake

Short Crust Pastry Shanghai Mooncake. A perfect combination of crisp pastry with traditional lotus fillings or pandan lotus complete with egg yolk, enjoy the crumbly crust that melts instantly!


Snowskin Mooncake

Soft and Fragrant Snow Skin Mooncake which comes with assorted flavour on the skin and fillings! Chefs Choices are the Durian Custard and Butterfly Pea Pandan. They're not just pretty to the eyes but equally delicious too!


Traditional Mooncake
Traditional Mooncakes月饼 (Low Sugar or Diabetic Friendly) comes with a variety of fillings! Delicious as how the old days were.